Understanding Why Newborn Pups Need Dog Shots in Chandler, AZ

Dog owners often wonder about vaccinations and what they’re good for. How often should a dog be vaccinated? Why are younger dogs vaccinated so often. Any veterinarian will tell you that vaccinations are very important for a dog’s health. Dog Shots help protect puppies and adults against infections, illnesses, and diseases that could be very deadly. Without vaccinations your puppy’s life will be at stake. Right now we’re going to take a look at baby animals and why vaccinations are so important for their survival.

New born puppies are extremely vulnerable after their birth. Once out of the womb these animals have an immune system that’s very weak, which means that the baby is much more susceptible to infections. Thankfully, nature has prepared for such a thing. When the newborns begin nursing with their mother, the milk they receive contains much needed nutrients and antibodies. The nutrients they receive from their mother help to strengthen their immune system. During this time there’s no need for Dog Shots in Chandler, AZ.

After the newborn pups are a few days old their intestines start to change, and this causes their immune system to resist the antibodies given by the mother. At this point, the puppy’s own immune system must do the work needed to protect its health. The antibodies the pups have received from their mother can only last so long. This is the difficult part that many veterinarians face, because every pup’s immunity decreases at different rates, and a vaccination can’t take effect until the immunity received from the mother is completely gone.

Dog Shots in Chandler, AZ are given at a time when veterinarians are sure the newborn pup’s immunity is able to take the injection. Doctors could wait several weeks when they’re sure the puppies immunity will respond, but waiting this long could be extremely risky. Instead of giving one shot, veterinarians give multiple shots over the course of several weeks. Giving your puppy vaccinations this early will help their immune system become stronger which should help to keep them healthy.

If you have more information about giving your puppy a shot, consult with your veterinarian. Veterinarians can set up a vaccination schedule to strengthen your new pup’s immunity. For more detail visit Family VetCare of Chandler.

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