Understanding the Process of Applying for Graduate College in Chicago

A bachelors degree can give you a solid foundation on which to start your professional career. However, when you want to rise up through the ranks of your chosen industry, you have to obtain a post-graduate degree from an accredited institution.

When you are interested in pursuing a masters of art in education, you need to read every detail of your application before you submit it to the university. The program to which you are applying will look for these elements to be included with it.

Professional Resume

Applying for a masters of art in education program is similar to applying for a job. To be considered for admission, you need to submit a professional resume along with your application. The application alone is not enough for you to be considered as a viable candidate.

Further, your resume should highlight your educational and professional vitae in order to highlight your ability to be an asset to the university and its post-graduate program. You will be expected to list any accomplishments and awards that you obtained as an undergraduate student or in your career.


Your application to graduate school will also require you to list the names of several individuals who can attest to your character as a student and worker. These names should not be family members and friends. Instead, these references should come from professors, supervisors and others who have first-hand knowledge of your educational and professional ethic.

Each of your references will be required to submit a letter on your behalf to the university. The university’s admission department also may call these references to interview them over the phone about your viability as a post-graduate candidate.

You can find out more about applying for a masters of art in education online. Contact School of the Art Institute of Chicago for more information.

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