Understanding The In’s And Out’s Of Lifting Clamps In NY

There are many different types and styles of lifting clamps in NY which are best put to use to accomplish different types of jobs. With the wide variety of potential options for the lifts that you are trying to accomplish it is important to be able to understand some of the details related to the different types of lifting clamps in order to make the best decision for the job that you are attempting to accomplish. Here are some of the main lifting clamps on the market as well as the details that set them apart from each other.

The screw adjusted cam plate clamps are lifting clamps in NY which are best used in order to turn plates from horizontal to vertical. These clamps are also capable of working through a one hundred and eighty degree arc which will allow much more flexibility in the lift and allow you to navigate through complex areas during a job. This lifting clamp also has a drop forged body and shackle which helps insure that it will be strong enough to handle its full payload while it is under duress.

The GX clamps are lifting clamps in NY which are entirely drop forged and heat treated so that they are capable of being used to perform both vertical and horizontal to vertical lifting. Their strength allows for diversity in the types of lifts that they can be used for and trusted to perform well in. This type of lifting clamp comes with a patented wear indicator which is designed to increase the safety of the lifting site. When the teeth of the unique wear indicator grooves become flat it means that it is time to change the cam.

There are also multipurpose lifting clamps in NY which will allow you to perform less specialized jobs however they are often designed for lighter loads. These are created to be lightweight with a large grip range and an ease of maintenance which makes them very convenient for those who do not need to lift extremely heavy materials or equipment. The gripping surfaces of these clamps are smooth and will not mar the object which is being lifted. These multipurpose lifting clamps often include a swiveling pad to help increase range of motion and make sure that all of the lifts you require are achievable.
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