Understanding the CR2032

If you have a small electronic device, like a watch or other small object that needs a battery, it very likely will need a small disc battery known as the CR2032. There has been a shift from traditional batteries like the AA or AAA to these lithium batteries over the past few years. Part of the reason is that they are much smaller. Another is that they last longer and they give more power. If you have recently discovered that an electronic device that you have is being operated thanks to a CR2032, you should probably get to know a bit more about it.

The Basics of the CR2032

You may think that this battery has an interesting name, and you would be correct. The name of the battery is actually a lot of good information. For instance, the C in the battery stands for one of the main materials, manganese dioxide and identifies the electrochemical system that is used. The R of the battery shows that it is a round battery. The numbers in the name of the battery indicate the size. The 20 shows that the diameter of the battery is 20 mm. The 32 in the name indicates that it is 3.2 mm in height.

Uses for the CR2032

You will find that this type of battery is used in a variety of electronic equipment. Watches and calculators are the most common use for them, but as technology is changing, more uses are popping up all of the time. You will also find these batteries in devices like cameras, tools, clocks, camcorders, electronic scales and much more. Even things like blood glucose monitors and cholesterol monitors also use these batteries. Of course you will also find fun uses for these batteries including in light up decorations for holidays and other types of decor.

Buying the Battery You Need

You can find this type of battery in many stores, as well as online. If you are looking for the best possible deal, however, you will find a source on the internet. There are great online stores that sell this type of battery at great prices. In order to find them, you simply need to do a search and reach out to a store that is highly reviewed and one that is in the business of selling high quality products.

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