Understanding the advantages of sourcing custom fittings

Industrial hoses together with their accompanying accessories are used in the delivery of fluid or other material from one site to another. Lubricants can be channeled directly to a specific position using custom fittings designed for precise manufacturing needs. Industrial hoses and fittings can be made from rubber, metal such as stainless steel, or thermoplastic material. There are several types of hose fittings and accessories. Some of them include; push to connect fitting, hose reels and accessories, automotive fittings, quick disconnects, Y and cross fittings, tee fittings among others.

Hoses and fittings are made for a variety industrial applications, such as medical, food and beverage, biomedical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and biomedical applications. These diverse industries have varying needs in the design of their fittings. Moreover, even in the same industry the layout of a particular plant might require a personalized design. Custom fittings and assemblies designed for a specific industrial concern will help in efficient delivery of lubricants, by reducing the downtime of operating equipment and lessening the operating costs.

When looking to install a fluid delivery system, it is always advisable to find an expert in custom fittings who will help you to:

– Establish hose size and style required depending on flow rate, pressure drop, and chemical resistance on whether the fluid is liquid or gaseous.
– Determine the burst pressure and working pressure. For generally severe services a the maximum working pressure should be below 1/4 of the minimum rated burst pressure.
– The custom fittings expert should also help you determine operating temperature and ambient temperature, abrasion, bend radius, and the best routing and clamping techniques. The best routing and clamping should allow a hose to flex in a single plane.

Improper selection or use of hose fittings and accessories can lead to death, personal injury, or damage to property. This can occur in a number of possibilities including but not limited to:

  • Fittings being thrown off at great speed
  • Fluid being discharged at high velocity
  • Burning of the conveyor belt or electrocution from high voltage power lines or other
  • sources of electricity
  • Getting into contact with conveyed fluid which could be hot, toxic or injurious in any other way.
  • Sparking or an explosion when spraying paint or inflammable liquid.
  • A dangerously whipping hose that may not have been fitted properly.

It is therefore best to seek custom fittings so as to avoid the risk of injury, have an efficient running fluid delivery system and a dedicated support service in case anything goes wrong.

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