Understanding Stump Grinding Services in Arlington

The tree removal process involves many steps. Once the tree itself comes down, there will be an ugly stump which remains. Determining what to do with this stump is something home owners struggle with. There are benefits to choosing Stump Grinding Services over other available options yet the cost of stump grinding services in Arlington concerns home owners. Thankfully, this price tends to be fairly reasonable and the results are well worth the cost in the long run. This is one task home owners shouldn’t take on themselves for a number of reasons.

When determining what to do with a tree stump, home owners may feel it is best to save money by grinding down the stump themselves. Not only does a stump grinder have to be rented for the job, the home owner must learn how to properly operate the machine to prevent injury to him or herself and others along with preventing damage to property. Add to this the time it takes to learn to operate the machine and then the actual stump grinding and money is saved when professionals are used for this job.

Many factors go into the cost of stump removal. The tree services takes into consideration the diameter of the stump although most do charge a minimum amount to come out and remove one or more stumps. The total number of stumps to be removed is taken into account with discounts typically given for multiple stumps. For those situations where land is being cleared and the number of stumps reaches the tens or hundreds, a flat hourly fee may be charged. Often this is based on the average diameter of the stumps you wish to have removed.

Other factors may also play a role in the cost of stump grinding services. The age of the stump and the type of tree stump affect the cost of stump grinding as young stumps and stumps from certain types of trees are easier to remove than older or harder tree stumps. An extensive root system often comes with a higher removal cost and companies removing stumps from rocky soil may charge more due to the higher risk of damage to their equipment.

Consider the above when considering stump removal options. Having a stump removed improves the appearance of the overall landscape. Don’t overlook this when determining if stump removal is right for you. Many find it is.

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