Understanding State Required Stipulations Through A Divorce Attorney In Milwaukee, WI

Wisconsin does require petitioners to establish residency at least six months prior to filing for divorce. As a Wisconsin resident, the petitioner should have lived in Milwaukee County for no less than thirty days prior to filing a petition. If you wish to file a petition, you should contact a divorce attorney in Milwaukee WI.

Stipulations of a Wisconsin Divorce

Unlike some states, Wisconsin will not schedule a divorce hearing or render a final decree until the 120-day waiting period has concluded. This date begins after a confirmation is received indicating that the defendant was served with the divorce papers. The same rule applies to cases in which the couple files jointly, after coming into an agreement upon the terms of the divorce.

Before you can file for a divorce, you must establish the grounds. The state of Wisconsin has limited grounds for divorce; irretrievable breakdown is your only option. To claim that the marriage suffered an irretrievable, you must provide proof of this claim. Living apart from your spouse for one year is the first step. To finalize a divorce based on these grounds, the court must determine that there is not a probability of reconciliation. A Divorce Attorney in Milwaukee WI can assist you with acquiring adequate proof.

The state requires that you and your spouse attend parenting education programs before your hearing. This requirement must be fulfilled regardless of whether or not your divorce is contested. However, any divorces that are contested require mediation. This action requires that you and your Divorce Attorney meet with your spouse and his or her legal counsel to make an attempt to reach an agreement.

Milwaukee County evaluates property division based on several factors. Among these factors are the duration of the marriage, when the property was purchased, and how each party contributed to the acquisition of the property. Additionally, the judge establishes the educational background and earning potential of each party. At any time, he or she feels that the sell or award of certain properties to one party would fulfill their marital obligations through the divorce settlement, this action is taken.

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