Understanding Sizing for Your Uniform Polo Shirts

Uniform shirts can be a big expense for your company. For this reason, it’s important to make good product choices from the beginning, and choose shirts that won’t have to be constantly reordered.

Sizing can be one of the most frustrating aspects of choosing company apparel. You probably already know that every brand and every style of shirt is sized just a little differently. To add to the frustration, uniform polo shirts also come in men’s and ladies’ sizes, adding another place where errors can occur.

There really is only one way to ensure sizing is correct for your uniform polo shirts. Before you order a shirt, ask for a sample in both the men’s and the ladies’ styles.

Once you’ve received the samples, assign each to a person who typically buys clothing in the size of the sample. Have them try the shirt on and compare it to other shirts they own in the same size. This will give you an idea of whether the shirts run large, small or true to size.

Once you’ve generally determined how the shirts are sized, ask your models to take the shirts home. Have them wash and dry the shirts according to directions on the label. Once the shirts have been washed and dried, ask your models to try them on again, and see how the shirts fit. This will help you determine if you should recommend that employees buy a size larger to accommodate for shrinking.

Once you’ve determined appropriate sizing for your uniform polo shirts , be sure to stick with the same brand for every order. If you change brands, you should complete the exercise above again to ensure proper sizing.

No employee wants to be stuck wearing an ill-fitting shirt to work. Take the time to ensure proper sizing before buying.

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