Understanding how Jail Bond in Clayton County Works

If you find yourself in jail, chances are the first thing that you will be thinking of is how you can get out. The most common way that this is done is by posting bail. Bail is a type of bond, or cash payment or property that a person who has been arrested gives to the court in order to ensure that they will appear in the court when they are ordered to be there. If the person does not show up in court when they are supposed to, then the court will keep the bail and also issue a warrant for the arrest of the defendant.

Setting Bail

A judge is the person who is responsible for setting bail. Since there are a number of people that will want to get out of jail right away, the majority of jails have a standard schedule for Jail Bond in Clayton County that will specify the amount that should be ordered for certain crimes. In many cases, the person that has been arrested is able to be released from jail much more quickly simply by paying the amount that was set by the bail schedule.

If a person that is arrested wants to pay their bail, but are not able to afford the actual amount that has been set by the station house, then they can ask a judge to lower the amount. According to the eighth amendment of the United States Constitution, a person’s bail should not be excessive. The purpose of a bail is to allow the person that has been arrested to maintain their freedom until they are actually convicted of a crime.

A Jail Bond in Clayton County allows for the arrested person to get out of jail by paying a percentage of their entire bail, which is in most cases 10 percent. Only does the rest of the bail have to be paid if the arrested individual does not show up for their court dates. This is an affordable manner for those that have been arrested to get out of jail, hire a lawyer and prepare for their day in court. To know more Click Here.

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