Understanding and Capable Care for Children Injured in Auto Accidents

Sustaining a bodily injury in an automobile accident is traumatic for anyone at any age, but can be especially unnerving for the very young child. The aftermath of the accident is a time when skillful, empathetic care can help provide healing for not only the physical damage sustained, but also for the emotional and psychological suffering that must be worked through.

Outstanding Auto Accident Care For Kids Jacksonville FL Is Available

Following an automobile accident, victims need legal assistance from professionals who understand all aspects of what they are experiencing. Knowledge of state laws relating to auto accidents, access to expert medical providers, and a working relationship with trauma-care facilities is crucial. Immediate, compassionate intervention from people who have sustained auto accidents and understand what they are going through is priceless to patients in the aftermath of auto accident injuries.

Steps to Receiving the Post-Trauma Care Your Child Needs

The process begins with the initial consultation by a team of medical specialists. This will involve a comprehensive physical examination to fully assess the injuries that may take about two hours. Upon completion of the consultation, a customized treatment plan will be designed which will be supervised every step of the way until optimal recovery is achieved.

What Aspects of Medical Care Will be Involved?

Each patient’s care plan will be unique but may include some or all of these treatment modalities:

  • Phamaceutical medications
  • X-rays, scans or other diagnostic tests
  • Referrals to specialists as indicated
  • Physical therapy and/or exercise therapy

Delivering First-Rate Auto Accident Care For Kids Jacksonville FL

Hands-on physical therapy by highly-trained and experienced physical therapists is designed for each patient’s unique injuries. Supervised exercise programs are carried out by specialists and taught to the young patient to be practiced privately.

When the time comes for discharge to home, instructions, precautions, and an exercise plan are provided to each patient for continuing care. A discharge summary outlining the patient’s care program and medical status upon discharge is made available to the primary care physician for continuity of care.

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