Typical Amenities Found In Upper West Side Condos

Many people end up living beyond their means because they want a fancy apartment, feel the need to pay for parking and want to go to a state-of-the-art fitness center. However, these people don’t realize that they can have all of that for one small fee when they consider Upper West Side condos. A condo building is different than any other living space because it allows you to use the amenities offered without “buying” them. While you will still pay maintenance fees on the amenities, you can use them whenever you want, making it a win-win for most people, though you’ll want to know the typical amenities found in these luxurious spaces.

Private Spa

Have you ever wished that you could go downstairs and be transported to tranquility and relaxation without having to truly leave your home? Most people would love private steam rooms and saunas within their residence, and you may be able to find it.

Roof Deck

While it may not seem like an amenity to some, many people love New York’s view from on top of a roof. While you can always go up to the roof, why not have a roof deck, where you’ll get panoramic views of the Manhattan area with comfortable seating, mood lighting and a cozy fireplace on those chilly nights?

Fitness Center

If you always make excuses not to work out, you may want to consider Upper West Side condos with an included fitness center. This way, you won’t have the excuse of not wanting to travel or dealing with the hassle. Plus, you’ll get state-of-the-art equipment and plenty of room to do what you want.

Sports Court

While a fitness center works well for some, others want the excitement of sports. Grab a few friends and play some floor hockey or soccer whenever you want. Many times, the sports court will host other fun things, such as yoga classes or movie parties for the residents, so you can all get together and enjoy something fun.

Private Parking

Most people living in New York don’t have vehicles, but some do and don’t want the on the street or in a parking garage that can cost a lot of money. Finding a condo building with private parking will ensure that you won’t have to worry about your car.

If you have dreamt of living in Upper West Side condos to be close to the neighborhood and have the finer things in life, you aren’t alone. Visit the website of Two Ten West 77 today to learn more about their availability and options.

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