Types of Tree Service in Boston

Trees are part of nature and an integral part of the Earth’s delicate ecosystem. Trees produce fresh oxygen for humans and other animals to breathe. Tree care is crucial to their health. Sometimes trees must be cut down for various purposes. No matter what needs you have for tree service in Boston a quality service provider with a stable business and experience with trees is a necessary solution. The following services are what you can expect from a quality tree service contractor.


Most shrubs and trees need to be cut back a few times a year in order to provide a pleasing aesthetic appearance and so they grow well. This service is an essential for any landscaping on residential and commercial properties. Other terms used for maintaining shrubs, bushes, and trees are ornamental pruning and dead-wooding.

Disease Diagnosis and Treatments

Tree experts are also known as tree doctors when they are qualified to diagnose tree diseases and provide treatments as needed. When a tree is disease beyond the point of any effective treatment, recommendations for tree removal are made. Diseased trees can infect other trees and your landscape.

Tree Removal

Nuisance trees, landscaping and leveling, and diseased trees may require tree removal services. Services for tree removal require special equipment and expertise to protect the landscape and any structures on the property. Safety precautions are taken for this tree service.

Pest Control and Fertilization

Trees require maintenance which means if they are affected by bugs or other pests that are not good for the tree they need to be treated. This will help the tree stay healthy so it can grow to a ripe old age. It is also important to have your trees fertilized in order to aid in healthy growth which is especially important for young saplings.

Other services you should expect from a quality Tree Service in Boston include stump grinding. chipping, and emergency storm response services. Emergency response services occur after storms when trees are over roads, on power lines, or have fallen on homes or other property. Cambridge Landscape Co. Inc. provides these quality tree services for residential and commercial properties around the Boston area.

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