Types of Replacement Windows in Westchester County NY

There are many different options for your consideration if you are looking into Replacement Windows in Westchester County NY. Some of the traditional options include sliding windows and casements or side-hinged windows. There are also newer models on the market that are fast gaining ground including pivot and friction hinges. Window types vary in size, shape and materials so it is important to have an idea of what you want to help you narrow down the options.

One of the most important considerations to make is window materials as these vary widely. Wood has long been used on windows and is still a popular choice today. It is attractive and versatile. Where there are issues with draft, weather stripping can be installed to remedy the problem. Hardwood windows can be costly but that is because they are durable and require minimal maintenance. A natural finish can be achieved by painting hardwood windows. Softwood windows are also great options. These, however, require an application of paint and natural wood finish as well as regular maintenance.

Vinyl is also another option for replacement windows that is very popular with home owners. Vinyl is mainly used where the homeowner wants to update the look of the house and get rid of old-style windows. Ideally, the windows should be replaced throughout the house. Vinyl windows are perfect for insulating heat and sound and offer many great advantages. They require minimal maintenance and are aesthetically pleasing. Some of the styles you can expect to find include white and wood-grain finishes among other options.

Aluminum is another popular material for replacement windows especially where natural light is a priority. This type of window is sturdy, and a thin frame is capable of supporting bulky pieces of glass. It is important to look into double-glazing as aluminum windows are excellent conductors of heat. This measure will help reduce heat loss and improve efficiency when heating or cooling the home. It is also possible to get a combination of materials such as steel casements with wooden cores. It is important to consult with an expert when looking into Replacement Windows in Westchester County NY so you are able to make a good choice for your home. Browse Site to find out what your options are from one of the leading replacement windows providers.

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