Types of Pallet in Austin

A pallet is a platform on which goods can be placed to aid in easier arrangement and transportation. It is constructed in such a way that allows conveyors and lift trucks to transfer them into transport vehicles and storage locations.

It provides a support base for the efficient assembly, handling, storage, and transportation of products and materials. It also provides some protection to the products placed on its surface.

Pallets are in different sizes and can be manufactured using a variety of materials. These materials include wood, metal, plastic, paper, etc. The following are the types of pallet in Austin.

Wooden Pallets

The most common type of pallet in use today are wooden pallets. They are manufactured from timber and as such, are easily recyclable. Wooden pallets are known for their ease of fabrication, durability, load bearing capacity and low cost of purchase and maintenance.

Plastic pallets

These kind of pallets are more expensive than wooden pallets; however, they are also more durable. Plastic pallets can be precisely manufactured to the specification of clients, and they are much easier to clean.

Metal Pallets

As the name implies, these pallets are manufactured using metallic materials. Metal pallets are used in the transportation of extremely heavy cargo. However, they are of limited use when shipping goods over the sea. This is due to the corrosive action of sea water on metal pallets.

Pallet Categories

Pallets are manufactured for use in different applications, and these applications determine the nature and category of the pallet. The following are some of the categories of pallets.

Display Pallet

Display pallets are much smaller than other kinds of pallets and are mostly used in supermarkets and shops. They are used in arranging and showcasing products and should not be used in shipping applications.

Export Pallets

Export pallets are intended for use in the shipping of cargo abroad. Depending on the weight of cargo and the medium of transportation, they can be heavy or light weight. Export pallets used in air shipment are usually light weight while those used in ships are heavy-weight.

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