Types of Network Cabling and Best Options for Data Needs in NYC

There are many different network cabling options out there and it is important to understand a little about each one to make an informed decision as to which you will require. While most NYC businesses hire professionals to handle their data network cabling and allow them to select the right options, it can be beneficial to understand each option and its benefits or uses.

Network cables connect networked devices to other networked devices and can even connect multiple computers to share scanners, printers, fax machines and more. The different types of cabling include coaxial, optical fiber and twisted pair and each of these can be used based on the network’s protocol, topology and size. In some cases, devices may need to be connected via a few meters or over almost unlimited distances by using certain cables and the Internet. While most networks use cables, there are wireless versions available.

Twisted Pair

Two wires, the return and forward conductors, are paired together with a twisted pair cable option. They are twisted because it will help to cancel out any electromagnetic interference from external sources and other wires. There are three types available, including foil, unshielded and shielded versions and they can be used for both business and home Ethernet network options.

Fiber Optic

A fiber optic cabling option is usually more expensive than other cabling, but works very well for companies that require more bandwidth because they transmit and receive more data. This data can also be sent farther and faster with a fiber optic cable than with other options. Many companies are considering this network cabling for their needs in NYC.


Coaxial cables have been around for many years and were previously used to carry long-distance calls. However, now they are used mainly for television signals and others that require bandwidth, such as cable television. Coaxial cables can also be used for high-speed networking needs in residential homes but is not considered a good option for businesses.


While most businesses do not have television needs, a patch cable can be used to connect one optical or electronic device to another of the same for the purpose of signal routing. Most businesses will not be able to use the patch cabling for their network data needs because the cords are very short and are meant to connect one item to another single item.

Data network cabling in NYC should be done by a professional, though it can be helpful to learn a little about the different options. Consider Reliable Voice & Data for your cable needs.


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