Types of Housing Available in St. Paul and Surrounding Areas

St. Paul real estate is a mix of old and new, and if you like traditional style housing that isn’t too large, then you’ll love what you can find in St. Paul. The twin cities have numerous high-rise apartment and condominium buildings that are commonplace in busy, professional cities. It’s the suburbs surrounding the city where you will find single-family homes. There aren’t too many architectural designs that would be considered spectacular as far as real estate is concerned, but it’s the simplistic, Victorian style designs that draw people to the suburbs. Whether city living or suburban living, Minnesota offers all of its residents a fun, wholesome place to live.

Older Real Estate within the Cities and Surrounding Suburbs

The oldest real estate exists within the cities. Much of the St. Paul real estate available will be at least 50 years old, if not older. There is very little new construction currently happening in the Twin Cities, and most single-family homes are from the late 19th to early 20th centuries. The newer construction seen in the cities is mostly renovated warehouse or industrial buildings converted into residential units. However, most families moving to the St. Paul area are looking for single family homes and not converted warehouse living.

Suburban Living Outside of the City

When you venture outside of the cities, you will find suburbs that have plenty of single-family homes. Many of these suburbs will have homes designed in the 1960s and 70s, but there are also many newer subdivisions cropping up. To keep up with the growing housing demand, many families can look at pre-planned subdivisions or even buy lots and build their own home.

When shopping for St. Paul real estate, your agent can show you anything from an older style home to a newly built home. If you’re moving to St. Paul on your own, you may find high-rise apartment living the perfect solution. Because the cities of Minnesota are growing, there is a wide variety of housing available. The best thing about living in St. Paul is the amount of activities you will have available. Finding the perfect home is just the first step in starting your life in Minnesota.

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