Types of Award Plaques to Honor Employees and Students

When an employee or student does something worth recognizing, you can honor them with Award Plaques and trophies. These awards can honor any number of things, such as honor students, retirement, employee of the month, or sport achievements. They come in many styles and designs. You just have to choose which one you like the best, have it engraved, and then honor your employee or student.

Award Plaques

Plaques hang on the wall and announce the reason why the recipient has it hanging on the wall. The plaques are generally made of wood, but some are also made of marble. The words and images are engraved on the wood of marble and then a protective seal is applied. Some plaques use metal plates with the recipient’s name engraved on it. Perpetual plaques have several metal plates. These plaques are designed to stay in one location and new names added to it. Individuals might receive smaller plaques to take home.

Sport Trophies

Sport trophies can honor an individual for a sporting achievement or used to honor an entire team. You can find trophies with decorations designed for many sports including lesser known sports like pinewood derby, ballet, horseshoes, and darts. The trophies usually have a statue of a figure performing the sport. You can also choose simple cups. All trophies come engraved with the honoree’s name and the reason for the award. For entire teams, you can find giant trophy cups. Some cups are as big as three feet tall.

Crystal Awards

Crystal awards are beautiful. You can use them to honor retirees and promotions. These awards for the elite. The crystal is carved into different shapes and the honoree’s name engraved on them. For a cheaper, but still beautiful alternative, you can get glass Award & Plaques. Glass looks like crystal but is cheaper to make and engrave. If you want to give these beautiful awards to several people, you can choose to purchase crystal or glass paperweights. Paperweights are smaller and more cost effective.

If these awards seem too common, you could give different awards. You could purchase clocks, pens, picture frames, or letter openers. All of them can be engraved for the honoree to proudly display.

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