Two Reasons to Hire a Lawyer after Truck Accidents in Bethlehem, PA

The moment that you find yourself caught up in a truck accident, you simply must call on an experienced lawyer who will know how to handle the situation from the start, including who to call to get the claim started. Truck accidents are more common than you may believe and the insurance companies that protect such big rigs are unlikely to work in your favor if they can use a number of strategies to save money. A professional lawyer will help you in a number of ways so that by the time you complete your claim and receive a settlement, you receive the amount of money that you actually need to cover medical expenses and otherwise enjoy a much easier time during recovery.


The men and women who protect you after truck accidents occur do so by utilizing their years of experience working this particular type of case and you need that type of expertise on your side if you are to take on the large insurance companies that always have lawyers on their side of the proceedings. Sites such as now only allow you to set up a consultation with such professionals but will also help to answer a few of your first questions so that you may come into the consultation prepared for the process. At the end of the day, you need such a professional on your side to help you avoid what may quickly become a complex and lengthy issue.

More Money

On average, an experienced professional will help you to earn 30% more for your settlement than you would on your own, which is a dramatic enough increase to make their service fee worth it. Personal injury claims are often worked on a contingency basis, meaning that you are not required to pay out of pocket for the lawyer fee but rather from the amount of your settlement. Since you earn much more, truck accidents in Bethlehem, PA are simply easier to handle than if you were alone.

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