Two Reasons To Consider Immediate Care Centers

There are several fantastic reasons to go to immediate care centers, also known as urgent care centers. The care centers are designed to offer patients who need immediate relief from non-life-threatening symptoms a chance to avoid the emergency room. For example, if you need treatment for an earache, a sprain, minor lacerations, or influenza, an immediate care center can provide quicker and more cost-effective treatment than an emergency room.

Once you determine that your symptoms are not life-threatening, you should absolutely consider this option as an alternative to the long wait and high cost of the emergency room. However, if you are having life-threatening symptoms, such as chest pain or other indicators of a heart attack, you should immediately visit an emergency room.

Strep Throat

Highly contagious, this disease of the throat can actually travel into the stomach. If you or your child develops the symptoms of strep, immediate care centers typically test, diagnose, and treat the infection right away. Since strep bacteria often spreads rapidly to other vital areas, you should not wait for a doctor’s appointment to seek treatment if you suspect strep. Simply by taking this precaution, you may save multiple people from catching the infection and receive quicker treatment yourself.

Minor Breaks

Perhaps your child recklessly climbed the monkey bars and jumped down or perhaps you were knocked off your bicycle by a negligent car. Whatever the cause of the broken arm, an immediate care facility should offer you the necessary knowledge and experience to easily treat the break. However, a severe breaks, such as multiple breaks to the bone, are not always easily treatable.

As stated previously, these facilities treat hairline fractures and other minor breaks that only require a cast to heal properly. You not only receive treatment for a problem that can easily escalate without help, but you also save hundreds, sometimes thousands, because you avoided the emergency room. By visiting, you can learn far more about your options. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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