Two Popular Passenger Jets Available for Aircraft Charter in Sarasota FL

Booking an Aircraft Charter in Sarasota FL is a great way to escape the restrictions and inconveniences of conventional commercial travel. Local companies like the one online at put some of the world’s best aircraft directly at the service of their customers. A look at a couple of the most popular jets among those seeking an Aircraft Charter in Sarasota FL will reveal plenty of reasons why this type of travel can be so desirable.

Leading Manufacturer Embraer Produces Executive Class-Jets That Impress

There are a number of highly regarded companies today that design and manufacture passenger jets which are suitable for charter service. Brazil-based Embraer is one of the most respected and successful of these, especially among those who demand certain levels of luxury and performance.

Embraer’s current range of jets is seen by most in the industry as especially well rounded. In practice, though, it is the company’s Phenom and Legacy lines that typically attract the most attention. Two of the various jets from these families that are most often sought by charter customers in Sarasota are the:

  • Phenom 300.
  • Although still one of the more compact jets in Embraer’s lineup, the Phenom 300 offers significantly more space than its two smaller siblings. With seating for nine passengers being available, entire teams of executives can fit easily and comfortably aboard for charter flights. A generous 2,000 mile range makes this Phenom suitable for relatively long, cross-country trips, and even certain international flights, on occasion. Cruising at up to 45,000 feet, the Phenom 300 is also capable of soaring over weather patterns that would trouble lesser aircraft.
  • Legacy 500.
  • As a significant step up from the Phenom 300 in various respects, the Legacy 500 is a popular choice for many charter travelers with international journeys in mind. Its 3,000-plus mile range allows it to make the most common transatlantic trips with little trouble or preparation.

Many Ways to Truly Travel in Style

Jets like these cater very well to the needs of even the most demanding charter flight passengers in Sarasota today. Choosing to book a charter flight on such an aircraft will frequently open up options that would not otherwise exist.

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