Turn Up The Glam Factor With Permanent Makeup In Philadelphia

From the beginning of time men and women used some form of cosmetics to alter their appearance. For example, around 4000 BCE, Egyptian women used galena mesdemet and malachite to add color and definition to their faces. The additives were probably not healthy for them. Galena mesdemet is made of copper and lead ore while malachite is a bright green paste made from copper. Further, they made kohl from lead, ash and burnt almonds to get almond shaped eyes. Grecian women painted their faces with white lead and used crushed mulberries as rouge. Indeed, they made false eyelashes from oxen hair. Today, consumers can get Permanent Makeup Philadelphia.

Many people have trouble putting on eyeliner. In fact, permanent eyeliner is one of the most in-demand procedures. That is because eyeliner makes one look younger, healthier and more sophisticated. There are also drawbacks with eyeliner like smudging and running into the eye. Permanent lip color will really make a difference for the woman on the go. Often, lipstick disappears when one eats or drinks. A permanent full-color lip looks good all the time. The non-surgical eye lift is another popular technique. This treatment involves customized eyelash tinting and brow sculpting and tinting. To top it off, clients should consider eyelash extensions. Thin eyelashes are one of the things that makes people look older. Technicians use a lash to lash process that lasts two to six weeks. Can you imagine not having to apply mascara? Learn about permanent makeup and take some of the stress out of your beauty routine.

Absolute Smile uses many of the latest cosmetic techniques. They specialize in permanent brow hair stroke, powdered brows, lash line enhancement, eyeliner and full lip color. Clients have a choice between a natural or dramatic look. The treatment is virtually painless and there is little downtime. There is a little swelling and redness for a couple of days. In addition, it takes about 21 days for the final color results to show. Permanent Makeup in Philadelphia saves a lot of time and money. Imagine waking up every day with perfect eyebrows. Cosmeticians can give the eyebrow a subtle change or change the entire eyebrow.

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