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When there is a fire, the fire department must fight it with water-;lots of water. Then, the building owner has both fire and water damage to deal with once the fire is extinguished. A major decision must be made. Is this home or commercial building savable or must it be torn down and replaced? Insurance adjusters, fire department investigators, and the representatives from Commercial Fire Restoration Contractors in Rio Rancho NM will attempt to determine what caused the fire and whether the building is safe to occupy.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning companies can often do both residential and commercial building carpet cleaning and other services such as fire and flood restoration. Professional carpet cleaners such as Superior Carpet Cleaning have the commercial-grade machinery and chemicals to get the best results for both large and small carpet cleaning jobs. The best carpet cleaning companies make an effort to use environmentally friendly and safe chemicals to clean carpets.

The carpets that are cleaned must end up clean and look their best. Chemicals and machinery that are too harsh can damage carpets and leave unpleasant odors behind. Then, when a carpet is too worn, stained, or damaged to save, the carpet cleaning expert must let the building owner know. The time for this should be before any work is done.

Fire And Flood Damage Restoration

Carpet cleaning companies might also be Commercial Fire Restoration Contractors in Rio Rancho NM. When a home or commercial building is damaged by fire and the water used to fight the fire, a special protocol is needed to save as much as possible in the building. The fire and water damage restoration company expert must inspect the building as soon as possible after the damage occurs. This expert will write a report and a cost estimate for restoring the building.

Some buildings cannot be restored and must be torn down and replaced. Other buildings can be restored at a great cost. A good number of buildings can be successfully restored to a usable condition for a realistic price. These are the buildings that the owners should hire a fire and water damage company to restore.

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