Trucking Accidents Lawyer Holland Area

Have you been injured in an trucking accident? You can call a Trucking Accidents Lawyer who can assist you. there are experienced trucking accident attorneys.

There are many causes of trucking accidents. Trailers can become unattached and cause accidents. Overloaded trucks can be a problem with falling debris. Tires with no tread and blow outs are common problems with trucks and trailers as well as defective roadways. In general, a semi truck accident involves another vehicle but not always. When an 80,000 pound semi truck collides with a 3,000 pound car the semi is going to be the winner in most cases. It’s not always the semi truck’s fault though and every accident is different.

When driving around trucks, one must also pay special attention to the blind spots. Due to the size and height of the truck there are places where the truck driver is simply unable to see other vehicles. There are ways to avoid these blind spots if you are aware of them and if you are driving you should be. These blind spots are in the area immediately in front of the truck, the sides of the truck where there are wide wedges on each side where the driver cannot see and the back of the truck which is the most blind spot because a truck driver cannot see vehicles that are directly behind. If the vehicle behind a semi truck cannot see the side mirrors on the truck then the truck driver cannot see them. Of course, if a truck merges into another lane and hits a car that it cannot see the accident could be the truck drivers fault, but one must take into consideration the blind spots and not linger next to the truck for too long. Safe driving is defensive driving and helps everyone. Be patient driving along side the 18-wheelers. They cannot maneuver their vehicle as well as a person driving a car.

If you have been in an accident or simply have questions concerning trucking accidents, Is Holland MI can help you in getting the answers that you are looking for.

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