Troubleshooting Tips for Your Air Conditioning in Seattle WA

If you are finding that all of a sudden the rooms in your home are not cooling as they normally do, you will need to troubleshoot your HVAC or air conditioning system. There could be a number of issues going on with your unit. There are things you can check out yourself before calling in a repair service. A company that regularly goes out to service and repair Air Conditioning in Seattle WA has seen many problems that the owner could have saved both time and money if he or she had checked the following things first:

* Begin checking for problems with your air conditioning at the thermostat. Believe it or not, a lot of what is perceived to be a problem with the air conditioning is really a thermostat issue. Ensure that it is set properly. If so, adjust it lower to see if the room will begin to cool.

* If there is no air coming out of the vents, check to see if the fans outside are running. If they are not, the next thing to check would be the breakers to ensure nothing has tripped. If the fans are running, but the blower is not running, then you could have a problem with the blower motor.

* Your unit could be cooling, but not enough. If the condenser and the compressor are both working, the outage is likely going to be refrigerant issues. Another indication of refrigerant (or Freon) issues will be when you see ice forming on the connections between the inside and outside.

* Another rather simple issue that people often overlook is the air filter. If these are not changed out often enough (if they are disposable) or cleaned properly and often, your unit is not going to work efficiently.

Hunt’s Plumbing & Mechanical has been serving the greater Pierce County area of Washington for many years in the field of plumbing and HVAC. This includes furnace repairs, air conditioning repair and service, sump pump repair, drain cleaning, camera sewer inspections and hydro-jetting.

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