Trendy and In, 2014 Beauty Salons in Hawaii Hairstyles for a Big Event

The Beauty Salons in Hawaii offer an amazing opportunity to look stylish and fresh for this coming season. The past year has left plenty of great trends that have overtaken, and only a few of the best are highlighted below.

Candy Bun

The 60’s was huge with the big cotton candy buns that kept hair high and lofty. The AMC series Mad Men revisits the 60’s era with some charming dresses and some incredible buns, and the show has helped to bring some attention to this great hairstyle. It is vintage and classy without being old and dull. Because it is different (but not too different) the look is an instant attention grabber for 2014. This style is also really intuitive in that it kind of matches a lot of different events, with enough classiness to fit a weeding or prom and enough casual vintage energy to work in a more laid back environment.

Braided Updo

Braids are pretty well out of style, but that does not mean they can be used greatly in moderation. With an extra spin on the classic straightforward braids approach, a girl can really put together something oddly stunning and totally adorable. The braided updo takes the downward approach to the braids and flips it on its head. These braids are actually tucked and tied up, causing this very mesmerizing style at the salons. The rolls can be large or very small for shorter hair. There are well over 14 major styles of braided updos, and they vary depending on the length of the hair and how high the braids are pulled in.

Short and Chic

There is a new trend in 2014 that plays right off the vintage bun style. Girls are cutting their hair shorter than ever, but for most woman, it is a balance. There are some updos that are perfect for short hair, including a side wrap and some really sensual styles.

Every year brings a new handful of great hair styles. Some carry over from the previous year, and some are universal.Hawaiiis isolated, which provides the best opportunity to try some of the most daring and fun hair styles at the Beauty Salons in Hawaii. Anyone can visit this website to learn about the best approaches.

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