Any blow to the head causes a concussion. When you are on vacation in Orange Park FL, you may be tempted to ignore blows to the head because you do not want to interrupt your trip for a stay in a hospital. Here are tips from Avecinaq on how to deal with a concussion while on vacation.

What If There Is No Pain?

Surprisingly, many people who suffer from a concussion do not feel any pain after their heads are struck. This gives them a false sense of security. Some people do not develop serious symptoms after a blow to the head. Some do not develop symptoms until 24 hours have passed. Go to the emergency room or Professional Urgent Care in Orange Park FL treatment centers if any serious symptoms begin.

Dangerous Symptoms

If you or a loved one have had a blow to the head and suffered one or more of these symptoms, you need medical help immediately to make sure that there isn’t a blood clot or a skull fracture. Symptoms include extreme nausea, dizziness, sudden confusion, sudden depression, sudden vision problems, seizures, fainting, and finding normal levels of light and sound unbearably painful.

Dangerous Symptoms in Small Children

Small children cannot tell you if the symptoms listed above are occurring. Parents need to take their children to the emergency room or Professional Urgent Care in Orange Park FL treatment centers if their child has had a blow to the head and suddenly refuses food or breast milk, cries incessantly, or suffers from seizures, vomiting, or passes out. Check the eyes to see if one pupil is larger than the other. If it is, get to a hospital or medical center immediately.

What If They Fall Asleep Suddenly?

Another common symptom of a severe concussion is sudden drowsiness. During a vacation, drowsiness at odd times can be normal. If a person with a blow to the head suddenly falls asleep with a lot of activity going around and they are usually light sleepers, then play it safe and get medical help. If drowsiness is combined with any of the other symptoms listed above, then get medical help. Visit Avecina Medical at for Urgent Care.

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