Transmissions: Rebuilt & Remanufactured

by | Dec 5, 2013 | Automotive

Are you in need of a replacement transmission for your vehicle? For many, purchasing a new transmission is a steep investment, yet without a workable model, driving isn’t an option. Fortunately, there are alternatives to buying new systems, such as rebuilt or remanufactured.

While rebuilding and remanufacturing transmissions is in essence the same, there are some differences. Regardless, it’s important to strive for quality and durability. Experienced, dependable transmission experts and factory technicians ensure their conversions and updates are well within regulatory codes, and every component is closely examined for any sign of wear and tear.

Attentive, Thorough Reconstruction
Rebuilding a transmission is a very detail-oriented and complex process, as each component of the machine is tended to. Typically, a professional who has extensive experience rebuilding, installing, and working with transmissions will complete the process in their shop. Once the transmission has been disassembled, the transmission expert must closely examine every aspect of the model to look for any damage and ensure every piece is up-to-date. All obsolete and worn-out components are removed and replaced with newer, modernized pieces.

The transmission expert will also keep in mind any changes that have been made to the model, so the finished product complies with all necessary codes and regulations. In many cases, transmissions rebuilt by a skilled specialist function better and last-longer than even new models.

Factory Upgraded
Another alternative to purchasing a new transmission is buying a remanufactured model. Rebuilt and remanufactured generally involve the same steps; however, remanufactured transmissions are taken apart, inspected, updated, and reconstructed in a factory rather than an expert’s shop. While they may lack a more personalized touch, models that have been remanufactured by a trusted company include upgrades, attention to OEM codes, and warranties.

Lower Cost
Depending on the model, new transmission replacements can cost upwards of around two to three thousand dollars. However, transmissions rebuilt or remanufactured by experienced technicians who utilize the latest technologies can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of a new machine. While purchasing a transmission is fairly pricey regardless, choosing an upgraded and optimized model over an expensive, new yet identical one is an intelligent investment.

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