Traditional Direct Mail Remains Strong

In our modern society, it can feel that more and more things are moving to the digital world and that perhaps one day the “paperless society” may become a reality. While there certainly is a move in that direction, there is one area where the “old fashioned” medium is not only hanging in there but actually enjoying something of an increase in popularity—direct mail. Companies that provide printing in Northern Virginia will vouch for the increase here.

There had been a few years where it seemed that traditional direct mailings had both decreased slightly and also were found to have reduced effectiveness as the original rise of e-mailings started being utilized more. However, over time, problems with spam e-mails have led more and more people to unsubscribe (or not even subscribe at all if possible) to e-mailings and, instead, look more to printed direct mailings. Additionally, during the few years when direct mail actually was reducing in the number of mailings printed and sent out, this resulted in a higher rate of targeted mail being produced by companies who did their printing in Northern Virginia. As a result, consumers had less true “junk” mail to sort through each day as the quality and appropriateness of the content was much greater and more targeted to them, thereby yielding them to actually take it more seriously and, in the end, more frequently respond and take action.

This twist in the marketplace has delighted many companies that have traditionally relied upon direct mail as a strong component of their marketing and sales channel. Many of these are local companies, marketing to a relatively small geographical area which has helped to provide them with dramatically increased visibility to their specific, targeted market. In some ways, it has helped to increase the sense of community in some areas where people tend to prefer to shop for multiple services all within a certain radius of where they live or perhaps work. This can be for anything from dentists to dry cleaners to companies that offer printing Northern Virginia and more. All of them are enjoying a growth in their local community business and it helps not just one business but all of them together when the synergy works well. For example, if the local neighborhood printing company is doing well, they are likely doing so in part due to increased business from neighboring businesses that may utilize their services for printing in Northern Virginia. All in all, direct mail has survived a new digital age and found a good place to be effective today.

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