Top Metal Plating Services Offer Many Different Products

When your need metal plating services, you can depend on the best companies to give you a wide range of choices. In fact, the top companies are there with exceptional service and products. To create these products, methods known as electroplating and electroless plating are used, and here is more about them.


The electroplating process utilizes the principle of electricity to coat or plate metal. Electricity works by a flow of electrons in one direction, from negative to positive. With electroplating, one part of the circuit (the cathode) is plated by the other part of the electric circuit (anode). For instance, if one was electroplating iron with zinc, zinc would be the anode and iron, the cathode.

To plate iron with zinc, the iron item is placed in an electrolyte with a solution of zinc. An electric current is introduced into the solution, causing atoms from the zinc to flow to and bond with the iron atoms. This forms a coating of zinc on the iron and makes the iron resistant to corrosion. Many kinds of metals are used for electroplating, such as:

* Gold – not just for use on jewelry. Gold is used for high quality bearing seals in the oil and gas industry.

* Silver – most types of silverware are actually made from cheaper metals coated with silver. Silver is also used in many kinds of jewelry and electronics.

* Copper – did you know copper pennies are made mostly from zinc? Years ago, pennies were pure copper, and until 1982, they were 95 percent copper. However, today they are only 2 and one half percent copper.

* Brass – many types of home hardware

* Nickel – protects other metals from corrosion

* Tin – provides a low cost decorative finish

* Palladium – electrical contacts with extremely high wear conditions

* Rhodium – its high temperature tolerance make it perfect for high voltage contacts.

Electroless Nickel Plating

As the name “electroless” states, metal plating services do not have to use electricity to coat metals with nickel. The process is simple and first, the metal to be coated is chemically treated for cleaning. A special solution is then used, followed by an application of anti-oxidizing chemicals.

The electroless process does not require special equipment like batteries for producing DC current. Also, electroplating processes require filtering equipment, and electroless does not. Electroless coating gives metal plating services more control over the process, resulting in a smooth finish and it’s easy to create a thin or thick coating.

Regardless of the method utilized, the most important factor is choosing the right metal plating services. The best ones can provide you with high quality items and affordable prices. Plus, you can depend on top companies to be there with exceptional select and custom metal plating services.

ProPlate has been serving customers with fine metal plating services since 1982. We offer a wide range of metal plating services for your needs. See us on the Web today at for more information.

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