Tooth-Colored Bonding and Recontouring in Vancouver, WA Creates A Beautiful Smile

If a tooth is chipped or deformed, Tooth-colored Bonding And Recontouring in Vancouver WA, can restore a tooth to its original shape. A chipped tooth takes less than an hour to correct. Teeth located in the back of the mouth can have the dark silver fillings replaced with this same bonding material. Teeth can look whiter and brighter without the use of silver fillings. There’s no longer a need to feel embarrassed or ashamed while talking or laughing because of the dark spots in your mouth from silver fillings.

Bonding of the tooth requires roughening the tooth’s surface and application of a material that is colored to match the patient’s other teeth. The material is hardened with a special light. The dentist will reshape the teeth to give the illusion of a straighter set of teeth. Tooth-colored Bonding And Recontouring in Vancouver WA, is considered a form of cosmetic dentistry. This type of procedure produces very subtle changes to the teeth. A small chip can be repaired and no one will remember there was a chip there to start.

A person’s teeth are usually not all the same size and shape. A tiny adjustment in a tooth can dramatically improve someone’s smile. Before this type of procedure is performed, a dentist may take dental X-rays to ensure the teeth are healthy. The dentist will mark areas on the tooth that need to be sculptured. A small sanding instrument will remove the imperfections on the surface of the teeth. After the reshaping has been completed, the teeth will be polished to look great. This type of treatment is very inexpensive. Unlike restoration of a cavity, this treatment does not cause pain and no anesthesia is required.

Another terrific benefit of recontouring is it can eliminate areas that trap food or where tartar and plaque buildup. If you need minor corrections to your teeth, recontouring could eliminate the need for braces. This easy procedure is usually not covered by dental insurance, but the cost is relatively inexpensive. Lewis Family Dentistry can perform this treatment and many others to deliver a great smile on a patient. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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