Toilet Seat Hygiene – Post Graduate Potty Training

Back when we were in diapers, we gave no thought to regular evacuation of our bodily wastes – we just went ahead and let it happen. However, our lives soon got more complex; we started to understand what the bigger people around us were trying to say to us and much of it involved the organization of our natural habits. We learnt that we had a strict duty to inform them whenever we felt the urge to relieve ourselves in any way; they would then undress us and rush us to a thing they called a “potty” – into which we deposited whatever we wanted to be rid of.

As understanding developed, they introduced us to something that they called the “toilet” which looked like a bigger, taller version of our potty; which we used for the same purpose but still under their supervision. Once we had mastered all of this and could be relied upon to take ourselves to the toilet whenever it was necessary; it was time for the final stage in our education.

It was drummed into us that there was something not quite clean and safe in all of this; things called germs were somehow involved – germs that could make us very sick or even kill us. Even worse, if we did not use the toilet properly, we could be passing on those deadly germs to other people.

Installing The Need For Hygiene

It was drummed into us that everything had to go into the bowl and be flushed away immediately after we had finished. Furthermore, we were taught the importance of toilet seat hygiene; we must always ensure that the seat is in a pristine, clean condition when we vacate it – we must leave nothing behind that could result in germs attacking the next user.

This message became so ingrained that we grew fears about using public toilets. How were we to know if the previous user practiced the same level of toilet seat hygiene that our parents demanded from us? Since the previous user of a public toilet is, most likely, someone totally unknown to us; what safety measures should we take to protect ourselves from anyone’s earlier lack of toilet seat hygiene?

Toilet Seat Covers

Since we have no control over the actions of this unknown user, we must take our own precautions to ensure toilet seat hygiene. One way of doing this is to always place an unused, disposable seat cover over the toilet seat before we sit down.








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