To Keep Your Pet Healthy For Many Years To Come You Should Spay And Neuter Mesa AZ

As a pet owner, you want what is best for your animal as they are a part of your family. When they are sick, you take them to the vet, baby them and make sure they have all their vaccinations just like you would one of your children. One way to make sure your pet stays healthy is to find a veterinarian that will Spay and Neuter Mesa AZ.

A pet that has not been Spay and Neuter has more chance of getting breast cancer or testicular cancer than one that has been. They will also be less prone to getting uterine infections or prostate problems. All of these problems can be very painful for your animal, can become very expensive for you with paying for doctor appointments, medicines and treatments. A healthier dog will give you and your family more years of loving companionship. With a male animal that has not been neutered, they are more prone to wander away and this can lead to the pet being lost or hurt.

When you take your animal to the vet for this procedure, they will normally ask you to bring them in around 8-9 am so that they are ready for the procedure. When the time comes the veterinarian will put them under general anesthetic to remove their reproductive organs. During the surgery they will feel no pain and the veterinarian will supply you with some medication to assist you in keeping them more comfortable afterwards. The animal will normally have to stay at the facility until mid afternoon, so that they can be monitored for any signs of distress. Even when you bring your pet home, they may still be groggy for a while after the procedure so they should be kept away from children and other pets in your home to ensure that they are able to rest. Within a few days your pet will be back to its normal self.

When you take them to have the procedure done, please make sure to inform the office of any other problems that your pet may have so they can address them at the same time. As a pet owner you want to do what is best for them health wise. By having this procedure done by a veterinarian that does Spay and Neuter Mesa AZ, you are giving them a chance at a healthy and happy life for many years to come.

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