Tips to Prevent Compressor Failure and the Need for Air Conditioner Repair in Haines City FL

One of the most expensive repairs for a central air system involves fixing the compressor after it has failed. In some instances, the unit will have to be replaced because repairing it is impossible or not cost effective. Fortunately, most of the reasons this happens are preventable. By following simple techniques, homeowners can avoid this type of air conditioner repair in Haines City FL, at least until the unit is very old and worn out.

About Central Air Equipment

The compressor is inside the unit located outside near the house, which also contains the fan and the condenser. Its main function is to pump refrigerant through the coils and lines. This equipment does not blow cool air into the home, which is how most people believe it works. Instead, it draws warm air out of the house and sends it away with the fan. As a result, the air coming through the home’s vents is cool.

Keeping the Unit Clean

Air Conditioner Repair in Haines City FL may become necessary if the owner doesn’t take the basic steps to keep the unit clean. Clearing debris off the grill regularly prevents leaves, seeds, blossoms and other things from dropping inside. This is particularly important at certain times of year. It’s a good idea to occasionally wipe off any dirt, dust, grime and bird droppings with a damp sponge or rag. The fact that the compressor has to be situated outside is the biggest problem with this equipment.

Annual Maintenance and Inspection

In this type of climate, central air units can be expected to last for about 15 years if they are taken care of properly. Taking good care of an air conditioning compressor also includes having it inspected, cleaned and maintained by a contractor such as Charles M. Watts Air Conditioning at least once a year. That keeps the system running at optimum efficiency and prevents breakdowns.

The heating and cooling technician will spot problems waiting to happen and make adjustments or replace parts. Lubrication may be needed. Refrigerant leaks will be found and fixed, with new refrigerant added. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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