Tips to Have the Perfect Teeth Whitening Flemington Visit

Teeth Whitening Flemington, a very intriguing option that can have an impact on your physical, social, psychological and professional appearance, has been gaining ground over the past couple of decades. This is primarily due to the aesthetics side of the procedure. Dentists use this method to hides stains, blemishes and discoloration of teeth. Because of this, whitening has become increasingly common as an integral part of any dental practice. To understand if you are a candidate for the procedure, read on to find out some very important information everyone should know before undertaking teeth whitening.

How many types of teeth whiteners there?

There are several products on the market that only a dental professional can use because it requires precise handling. Many products are available over- the-counter and, even though they are easier to manage, it takes a little longer to get the desired effect. The first reference of whitening dates back to 1877, when a dentist used oxalic oxide. In 1895, hydrogen peroxide (which, to this day, is the quintessential bleaching agent) was used for internal and external bleaching.

Can resins or amalgams be whitened?

Patients should be aware that any resins or amalgams already in place may not whiten like the rest of the teeth. In fact, some dentists may replace any aesthetic materials at the end of a whitening treatment. This is because the color and tone of these restorations are altered. However, some aesthetics like porcelain and gold amalgam will need no color changes or alterations. It is necessary to wait a couple of weeks after the procedure before performing any other restorations.

How often should teeth whitening be repeated?

For teeth whitening to be effective depends on each patient. Most follow-up whitening of vital and non-vital treatments happens one to three years later. The amount of bleaching solution that your enamel absorbs will vary. But, in all there seems to be an immediate loss of whitening in the first week following treatment. Other important factors include smoking habits, coffee or tea consumption and tobacco use. All of these things should be rarely used, or all out avoided. Meticulous hygiene is an important part to prolonging whitening.

Teeth Whitening Flemington can be a very important part of your life, if you follow simple rules. Do not let just any dentist perform the procedure. Make sure they are licensed and have a history of providing reputable service.

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