Tips On Selecting The Best Nursing Care in Avon CT For Your Loved One

It’s not easy to come to the realization that your loved one needs Nursing Care in Avon CT and an assisted living environment. Perhaps he or she has been living alone, but has become unable to do everything necessary to take care of themselves. A family member may have dropped by and discovered the stove left on or a pile of unpaid bills. An older person living with an adult child may need more nursing care than the family can provide in their home. Some people choose to go into assisted living because they realize that they need help with daily activities and feel that they would enjoy the company of others. Living alone makes many people very depressed.

Whatever the reason for precipitating the decision to learn more about assisted living, there is one thing to keep in mind. The most important thing about any nursing home or assisted living community is the people. They must be kind as well as skilled.

     *     When touring the facility, observe the interactions between the residents and the staff.

     *     Visit during mealtime and see if people are enjoying the food.

     *     Are the special activities and events well-attended and enjoyable?

     *     Try to spot those with the same type of infirmities as your loved one – would that lifestyle be helpful and acceptable?

     *     Are people congregating in the common areas and enjoying each others company? A beautifully decorated living room is meaningless if no one uses it.

     *     Is everything clean and odor-free?

     *     Discuss medical needs with the nursing staff.

     *     Will a special diet be a problem?

     *     In the event of a medical emergency, what hospital would be used?

     *     Can all of your loved one’s medical problems be treated?

     *     Is help available for daily living tasks such as bathing and dressing?

     *     Are there trained personnel available to work with dementia and memory problems?

Make up a list of questions to ask before visiting. Ask yourself honestly, if you had the same physical and/or mental problems as your loved one, would this be a place that you could enjoy living at?

Choosing the best provider of Nursing Care in Avon CT requires time and work. This may be the last home that your loved one will have. In addition to excellent medical care, look for warmth and compassion. Contact Shady Oaks Assisted Living LLC to see if this could be the perfect home for someone you love.

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