Tips on selecting the best builder for your needs

Perhaps the two most important decisions you will ever make is selecting the type of new home you want and selecting the right builders to build it. Fortunately there are a number of ways to accelerate the process and ensure that you find a high quality builder who is ideally suited to build your new home.

Here are a few steps to follow that will help you the best custom home builders:

Your needs: The first thing that you must do is take the time to understand and define your specific needs. There are some home builders that will construct any type of home while there are others that focus on a specific style, type or price range. Very few custom home builders in Prescott will build starter homes for example. The materials that are used, the contractors and tradesmen and even the way the homes are built differ considerably by type and price.

Experience: It is not that you should immediately discount a reasonably new firm, every home builder at one time or another built his first home. Look for custom home builders in Prescott that has seasoned professionals on the team; look for overall experience in building the type of home you want.

Satisfaction: Many custom home builders are justifiably proud of what they have done and they are happy to arrange an introduction to past clients. Follow-up on these introductions, find out if they would have the builder build them another home, ask if they would recommend the builder to their best friends and ask the reasons why they would not hesitate to recommend the builder.

Is there a design fit? If you are looking for a contemporary home and the builders portfolio is made up mostly of traditional homes may not be the best fit for you. Although builders can build a variety of different designed homes it is best to stay with a builder that has a track record in building the type of home you want.

Resale value: Good builders such as the John Nanke Signature Group have good reputations among owners and real estate agents. Look for builders that are known to build homes that maintain their value. Although you are going to have a custom home built look at the realtors ads in the paper, those ads that include the name of the builder indicate that the name is a plus in selling the home.

Ask the representative of the John Nanke Signature Group to arrange for you to see their model homes or homes they have built for clients in the last few years. Pay particular attention to the look and feel as well as the quality, nothing substitutes for this.

If you are planning a new home you will be looking for the best custom home builders in Prescott. The John Nanke Signature Group has been building the finest custom homes in the Southwest since 1948, you are invited to discuss your design and build project today.

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