Tips on Finding The Right Construction Accident Attorney In Levittown NY

Workers Compensation claims can typically be rather simple, but claims from a construction accident can be more detailed and reflect poor safety compliance by an employer. For those looking into hiring a Construction Accident Attorney In Levittown NY, there are a few things to know. Here are a few tips for those who are searching for representation.

Most Common Accidents

When it comes to construction sites, there are a multitude of things that can go wrong and injure a worker. Knowing the basics of typical construction injuries makes the injured party aware that their accidents are not usually a result of their improper behavior, but normally due to a malfunction or improper training. The most common construction accidents in New York are scaffolding falls and ladder falls. Other more common accidents usually involve untrained, or improperly trained employees. When a company does not take the time to properly train its workers on safety and equipment, the employer is at fault for any injuries that occur.

Find Experience Attorneys

This tip may seem a bit obvious, but it should be stated that not all workers compensation attorneys are well-versed in construction accident cases. As such, the client may be at a disadvantage against the employer, because the attorney may not know enough about the industry to combat any claims. With most construction companies and their insurance companies, they will always attempt to place blame on the worker for their injury, and if the workers compensation attorney doesn’t know the business, the employer could win the lawsuit and leave the injured worker without much needed monetary compensation.

Legal Fees

Because many construction accident claims effect blue collar workers, they may not have the money to pay for an attorney to represent them in a lawsuit. When looking for an experienced Construction Accident Attorney In Levittown NY, be sure the ones you look for offer no fees unless the case is won. Law firms that don’t offer free consultations and the ability to waive fees until the client’s suit is won, either do not have confidence in their own ability to win cases or they don’t have sufficient start up costs to handle investigations and services. Lawsuits cost money, so make sure the attorney you choose has enough of it to do the job.

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