Tips from an Auto Injury Lawyer in Hutchinson KS

Auto accidents can be a scary thing, but you can get through the process easily if you follow a few simple steps. Many people are distraught after being in an accident, causing them to not think clearly. It is best to stop for a second and breathe, taking everything that has happened. After you have been seen by a doctor, you should contact a local Auto Injury Lawyer in Hutchinson KS.

When involved in a road accident you must follow a certain guideline. It is necessary that you talk with witnesses and record their statements. It is up to the court to determine if the statements are credible. This also includes eyewitness testimony, calling the “ambulance”, contacting the police, and so on. If no witnesses are at the scene when the police officer gets there, it is important you follow protocol. This means getting their name, phone number, and address.

In reviewing the material or in the course of the investigation, you should make sure these witnesses are available and willing for interrogation. Check to see if there is any video surveillance from cameras mounted near the accident. If so, the police officer will ensure this video is seen and submitted into evidence. Similar actions are subject to the confiscation of DVRs.

Also while on the scene, it is desirable to call an Auto Injury Lawyer in Hutchinson KS who will oversee the drafting of police or investigator reports and all other necessary documents. Your lawyer will ensure these documents are complete and correct, including explanations. A lawyer can assume his duties immediately on the basis of a warrant. An attorney is not required, but it is very advisable. The presence of a lawyer would greatly facilitate your subsequent defense in a criminal case.

In many cases, the police will arrive quickly and determine the status of the victims involved (not to be confused with grievous bodily harm). This is when the traffic police starts their investigation. Sometimes, in such cases, a detective may be called out. If, as a result of an accident, the victim is in critical condition or killed, the investigators will find every angle to convict the accused.

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