Tips for Working with an Interior Decorator

A residential interior decorator in Bethesda, MD must wear many hats in their day-to-day job. They are responsible for planning, envisioning, and building spaces in ways that combine form with aesthetic appeal. They will be focusing on your lifestyle to ensure the space built is one that works for you. This means setting the right mood, fitting boring things like air vents into a design, and cultivating relationships with vendors and artisans who help bring their ideas to fruition.

When to Seek an Interior Decorator

If you have an idea of what you want your home to look like and feel like, a designer is the person who can make that a reality. They have the knowledge and experience needed to give you a beautiful space while doing the more mundane things like space planning. If you are ready to bring a creative mind and trained eye into your home to make it the best it can be, it’s likely time to speak with a residential interior decorator in Bethesda, MD.

Finding Residential Decorators

For those who have never hired a decorator in the past, knowing where to start can be daunting. The good news is that you can usually find a list of professionals via your local American Society of Interior Designers. Another option is to browse the Internet to find websites of local decorators. You can look at their profiles and portfolios to get an idea of whether they would be a good fit for what you are looking for. If a friend has hired a designer, you can also ask for a recommendation from them.

Involve the Designer Early

Those who are doing a major remodel or are building a home from scratch will want to speak with the decorator early on in the process. That is because they can work with your contractors and architect to be sure everyone is on the same page and the space is made just the way you want it to be. Things like doorways, columns and beams aren’t possible to remove after they’re there, so getting it right the first time is crucial.

Ask About Maintenance

Even after the job is done, you may need sprucing up occasionally as the space ages. Make sure to ask your residential interior decorator in Bethesda, MD about what they suggest in terms of future visits to keep things fresh and updated.

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