Tips For Relieving Low Back Pain In Black Jack MO

Constant pain in the lower back often keeps people from doing things they love to do. To prevent back pain from controlling your life, contact a professional who specializes in the treatment of Low Back Pain in Black Jack MO. In between visits to the specialist, follow these tips at home to keep your back pain manageable.

Get Quality Sleep

It may be hard to sleep when your back is aching, but not getting enough sleep can actually make your back pain worse. When you have trouble falling asleep, try to relax right before you go to bed by reading a book or doing relaxation techniques. Don’t drink caffeinated beverages before going to bed and don’t eat right before you try to fall asleep. When you do eat your meals, fix nutritional foods and try to avoid greasy foods.

Get Physical

When you’re having back pain, you may not feel like moving around, but sitting still on the couch or in a chair for a long period can make your back hurt worse. Get up and move around as often as you can. You don’t have to do anything extremely physical; it’s just important to move around to keep your back muscles moving. If you feel like it, do light exercises, go swimming or take a walk.

Get Straight

If your back hurts when you try to relax in a chair, check your posture, because you may be slumping. This puts your back in an unnatural position, so it’s naturally going to hurt. When you catch yourself slouching in your chair, sit up straight or get up and walk around for a few minutes. When you’re standing or walking, it’s also important to stand up as straight as you can to keep your lower back from hurting. When you visit a professional who specializes in Low Back Pain in Black Jack MO, you can learn more tips to keep your back from constantly hurting.

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