Tips For Installing Commercial Epoxy Flooring On Existing Floors

If you are moving into a new commercial building or you just want to renovate and upgrade an older building, commercial epoxy flooring is a great option. This lower cost flooring is durable, long-lasting, and will provide you with a beautiful final product with a minimum amount of work.

However, with any type of commercial epoxy flooring on an existing concrete floor, these is some prep work that should be done. If you are working with a contractor familiar with the application of this flooring a detailed plan will be developed to ensure the floor is in top condition before the epoxy goes on.


It is important to keep in mind commercial epoxy flooring will adhere to the surface of the concrete exactly as is. This means if there is any residual adhesive from tiles or any material on the concrete’s surface the epoxy will simply flow over that raised area and dry, literally trapping the materials on the surface in the flooring itself.

To create a smooth even surface, large commercial grinder will be used. These will remove the noticeable rough areas from the surface and leave a level surface without anything sticking up.

Filling and Repairing

For the same reason you need to grind the rough materials above the floor, you also have to fill in any dents, holes or damaged areas of the concrete before applying the commercial epoxy flooring.

This may require additional time as the repaired or filled areas have to completely dry and the filler has to cure before applying the commercial epoxy flooring in Boston, MA. When using a contractor, this is not typically a problem as they will be able to provide you with an accurate timetable for the entire project.

Sand or Shot Blasting

Depending on the specific type of floor surface to be covered, sand or shot blasting may be used. This helps to remove any surface debris or materials and it will enhance the ability to the commercial epoxy flooring to completely bond with the surface.

This will not only give a smooth, flawless overall look to the flooring, but it is also essential in the long life and durability of the commercial epoxy flooring. After this the floor will be washed and treated, often with an acid, which will further enhance the secure bonding of the epoxy with the concrete.

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