Tips for Finding the Best Storage Solutions for Warehouses in California

The right custom storage solutions in California and savvy planning can create increased efficiency, more space, and a safer environment in your warehouse. However, you don’t necessarily have to start from scratch. Here are a couple of tips to help you choose new shelving solutions.

A great way to increase the capacity of a warehouse’s storage is using vertical storage space. When you talk with professionals who offer custom storage solutions in California, they can recommend various stacking systems that allow you to build up. Imagine how much more you could store in your warehouse if you added about six feet of vertical space to each shelving rack.

Make a map of your warehouse on gridded paper. Each grid will represent one square foot. Evaluate how you are currently using the space to see if there is a more efficient solution. Once you visualize your current layout, it will be easier to improve processes and create solutions to help you meet your productivity goals.

Divide inventory based on storage needs. Not all inventory in your warehouse is the same. Make the first category inventory that moves frequently and quickly. Make the second category items that regularly move through the warehouse but are not as profitable. The third category should be inventory that rarely moves, which translates into higher costs for you. Keep these categories in mind when looking for custom storage solutions in California.

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