Tips for Finding Lowest Airfare

When booking a flight you want to be sure that you’re getting the best deal around. There’s no point to booking a flight and paying a lot of money, simply to find that another airline is offering exactly the same flight for a fraction of what you paid. Finding the lowest air fares is a tricky game, as the competition in the airline world is fierce. One airline which looks like the best may, in fact, be the most expensive, and you’ll pay them because you don’t know where else to look. You need to keep a few tips in mind when finding your airline tickets in order to save money. By reading below, you will find tips on getting the lowest air fares, where to find them, how to get better prices, when to buy and general information to keep in mind when booking your ticket.

Tip I – Be Prepared to Walk Away when Buying Tickets.

If you’re at a travel agency or buying online, do not feel that just because you’ve enquired you must buy the ticket. Pulling yourself away may seem hard at the time, but it may pay off later when that extra hour spent looking saved you thousands in fares.

Tip II – Know Where to Look

Where to look when trying to get the cheapest in air fares is always a complicated one. With so many airlines all vying for your business, it may be hard to spot the best one for you through all the advertising. There’s two suggestions for this one:

• Online tickets – Online tickets can, at times, prove to be the cheapest around, with last minute offers, deals and special sales only available through the internet. Some airlines have to meet a certain online sales quota, so if this quota isn’t met, they will make their online deals amazing.

• In person – Calling up a couple months prior to your flight can also get you the best deal, as if you’re speaking to the airline directly then they don’t have to pay any commissions to any agencies or websites. Checking with the actual airline first is always the best way to play it. Once you have their price, do some independent research and try to get back the airline without waiting too long, as they have been known to make their prices higher if demand increases.

Tip III – Start About Three Months Ahead

Finding the lowest air fares can come down to luck, but make sure that you’ve left plenty of time before the flight date to do your checking. Anywhere up to 3 months prior to booking you can find the best rates.


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