Tips for Designing Functional and Fashionable Decks in Brookfield, WI

There is currently a growing trend in home improvement toward installing backyard decks in Brookfield WI and across the country. This should come as no surprise, as well-designed decks offer homeowners and their families versatile outdoor living spaces that can extend functional space within a home without requiring a full addition. Read on to find a few helpful tips and tricks for designing a deck for maximum utility, comfort, and aesthetic appeal.

Plan for Foot Traffic

Be sure to allow enough space on the deck for comfortable traffic pathways in and out of the house. Most decks also feature furniture, grills, or other features that encourage residents and guests to relax and mingle, so be sure to incorporate space within the plan for foot traffic between these different areas as well.

Choose Durable Materials

The right materials can really make or break any deck design. Be sure to incorporate durable materials that will be able to withstand the elements without the need for constant upkeep. While many homeowners find that the traditional appeal of hardwood planking makes up for its maintenance needs, others find that treated wood, composites, and PVC are better options thanks to the lower level of maintenance they require.

Get the Views Right

Consider the view from both the deck itself and from the inside of the house. If a traditional flat deck will be in the way of that perfect view, consider stepping it down with multiple descending platforms or use lower railings that will not get in the way. It’s often possible to design the different areas of the deck to take full advantage of natural vistas as well, so place furniture and fixtures carefully.

Consider Intended Use

Will the deck be used primarily for relaxing and socializing, or will it also need to accommodate outdoor grilling and cooking? Answering these questions regarding intended use before beginning to come up with a design allows homeowners to ensure that the final product will be well-suited to meet their families’ unique needs.

Hire an Experienced Contractors

Homeowners who are planning to install Decks in Brookfield WI should be sure that the contractors they hire to complete these projects have sufficient experience with deck building. Contact Outdoor Living Unlimited to learn more about their deck building and hardscaping services today to get started.

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