Times When You Will Need to Sand and Refinish Your Hardwood in Topeka, KS

Hardwood floors are an asset that many homeowners enjoy. Not only are they durable, they provide a quality look that is hard to replicate. But over time, there are destructive forces that can cause damage to these floors. While they are designed to withstand a lot, there is a time when the floors will need to be sanded and refinished to reestablish their beauty and durability.

One of the forces that can require the need to Sand And Refinish Hardwood in Topeka KS is pets. Pets can be very destructive to flooring. While an incidental accident or two may not cause much damage if cleaned up quickly, spots that are continually used by pets can cause staining and smells to develop. The discoloration and smell can only be gotten rid of by sanding off the surface that had the stain.

Another force that can require the need to Sand And Refinish Hardwood in Topeka KS is water. While hardwood is protected from water by a layer of sealant, over time this sealant can wear off. Once this happens, the water can get into the flooring and cause it to stain. Once the damage is done, it is too late to reapply that sealant coat. As long as the floor hasn’t become totally warped by the water, a refinishing of the floor can take care of this problem.

Repairing pieces of hardwood in the flooring can also trigger the need to Sand And Refinish Hardwood in Topeka KS. This is because the new pieces of flooring are very hard to match to the original floors. Often, the floors need to be stripped of all of their staining and a new stain applied to ensure that a consistent color is present through the entire room. Otherwise, the repair job can be easily seen and will devalue the floors.

These are some of the reasons why you will need to sand and refinish your hardwood floors. To get the job professionally done, Contact Capital City Flooring Inc. While hardwood flooring is an asset, there are times when you need to refresh the look and bring them back to their original beauty.

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