Three Types of Common Items That Refrigerated Trucks Transport

Refrigerated trucks are for more than just produce or other foodstuffs. In reality, refrigerated truck shipping in Chicago is used for several items. Some of these are found on supermarket or pharmacy shelves while other refrigerated materials are only seen by specialized handlers.

So, what do refrigerated trucks carry? Here are three examples.

Food and drink

One of the primary jobs for refrigerated truck shipping in Chicago and across the country is to quickly delivery perishable foods so that they do not spoil. However, these trucks do more than simply take their cargo to the local supermarket.

Some trucks are also tasked with picking the food up from a port or rail yard upon arrival. Other trucks handle pickup from the distribution centre to the markets while on their delivery route. Overall, it’s a well-timed process to minimize the period in which food is open to the environment.


Have you ever needed to store an antibiotic in the refrigerator for it to remain potent? If so, then you know the purpose of refrigerated trucks and pharmaceuticals. Though liquid medicines tend to be the ones that need this treatment, there are some other types of pharmaceuticals that quickly lose their potency if they are not transported in a cool environment.

Hazardous materials

There’s a reason many hazardous materials are shipped in refrigerated trucks – they are flammable. If left in a standard trailer, any buildup of heat or friction can cause them to ignite. And that leads to problems not only for the truck driver but for everyone in the surrounding area as well. It is for this reason that refrigerated truck shipping in Chicago must be certified for interstate delivery of these types of materials.

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