Three Tips on Purchasing the Right Wheelchair in Lubbock TX

When encountered with a situation in which a wheelchair is needed, it is generally something that most individuals are not prepared for. Everyone doesn’t keep a wheelchair on hand just in case they may need one. In fact, the situation is usually opposite. People try to avoid having medical supplies and devices around in hopes that they may never need these things. Reality is that a large percentage of homes have someone in them who will need to use a mobility device on a frequent basis. These devices may be a walker, wheelchair, cane or other type of equipment that will assist them in maintaining a bit of independence. Here are three useful tips that will help you purchase the right Wheelchair in Lubbock TX.

Wheelchairs come in a couple of different sizes. The more narrow wheelchairs are ideal for younger individuals or adults who are very small. The width on these are generally anywhere from 15 inches to 17 inches. The standard size wheelchair will have a width of 17 inches to 19 inches. This size is perfect for the average size adult. Anyone that is larger and weighs more should consider the wider width wheelchairs. These are 19 to 24 inches in width. It’s always better to have a little room on the sides to allow for comfort. If the wheelchair is too small, it is likely to cause pressure points or other injuries to the skin. The sizes given will apply to the transport wheelchairs. There are larger and smaller sizes available in other types of wheelchairs.

While shopping for a Wheelchair in Lubbock, TX, you should also consider the weight of the chair itself. There are some chairs that are composed of ultra light steel which means it will weigh much less than some of the other, more heavier brands. If lifting the chair is going to be a challenge, you should consider choosing a lightweight model.

The last and perhaps the most important tip to remember is that you should consider all factors involving the use of the chair. If it isn’t convenient and comfortable for the user, the purchase is a lost cause. If the chair is not comfortable, the user will not want to bother with learning to navigate around in it. Chances are, the chair will go completely unused. More information about wheelchairs can be obtained from Absolute Home Medical.

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