Three Tips about What to Expect from Trade Show Exhibit Booths

by | Apr 9, 2013 | Business Services

When it comes to trade show exhibit booths, there are two types of people in the world: those who are familiar with trade show marketing because it’s part of their job and those who have no clue what it’s about. Rarely will you meet somebody who falls in between. Perhaps you’ve recently expanded your marketing responsibilities to include trade show marketing and need some basic guidance. While there are a number of logistics, regulations and details that are necessary before the show, this article focuses on tips for using the booth itself as a marketing tool.

Movement Attracts

Whether it’s a rotating sign, a video loop, somebody juggling or a perpetual motion contraption, people’s eyes are drawn to movement. Because movement attracts attention, the best trade show exhibit booths use the motion to draw leads into the booth in some way. Don’t have motion just to have motion; give the motion a specific purpose that relates to your marketing strategy.


Your company might actually have the coolest logo known to humanity, but in an exhibit hall, attendees need to be able to glance at your booth and immediately know what your company has to offer and whether they need those offerings. When it comes to signage, there are two basic tips: keep it short and make the font large enough to read from a distance. Too much text takes too long to read and loses the attention of passersby. Exhibit halls are crowded. Waist-high signs with small font are easily blocked by the crowds.

Qualifying Leads

The goal of marketing with trade show exhibit booths is to gather leads. However, it is in your best interest and in the best interest of your sales team to qualify those leads. For this reason, business card fishbowls for drawings and other giveaways that appeal to the masses may result in more work than necessary. Every lead should be followed up. If you and your sales team spend all your time calling people who don’t remember your company and don’t need your services or products, you have wasted valuable time. No follow-up communication should ever contain the phrase, “I just signed up to win the iPad.

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