Three Signs that you May Need to Visit a Center for Autism in Green Bay, WI

Among people that do not understand neural disorders such as Autism and Asperger Syndrome, these terms can often inspire stereotypical thoughts about people that may suffer from this type of condition. Perhaps one of the first things you need to correct about your thinking though, is that these people are not necessarily suffering. They think and process differently than many other people do but are often not at all unhappy with their condition as they don’t know any other way of living and have no reason with which to be unhappy with who they are.

If you believe your child may be developing some of the following signs of Autism however, it may be a good idea to have them evaluated by local professionals such as Fox Valley Autism Treatment Program who specialize in providing medical and therapeutic treatment for Asperger and Autism Green Bay WI. Keep in mind that most diagnosis’ require that the child begin to exhibit these characteristics before the age of three years old.

Seek out aid for Autism Green Bay WI should your child begin to exibit things like:

* Impaired social interaction: Your child may lack the natural intuition and ability to read other people that can often be important when interacting with others on a social level. They may be unable to understand many social and emotional responses that others take for granted. Autistic babies may be less interested in looking at other people and can also tend to ignore the sound of their own name.

* Impaired communication: This may include babbling, using unusual gestures, and unsynchronized vocal patters, meaning the child doesn’t talk the same way, tone, and manner as those he is being raised and taught by on a daily basis.

* Restricted interests and repetitive behavior: This can come in many forms and non-forms. Children may find that they only have an interest in one or two things in contrast to other children that take an interest in things on a wide scale of variety. Repetitive behaviors may include things like hand flapping, head rolling, or body rocking or compulsive behaviors such as arranging objects in stacks or lines.

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