Three Reasons to Consider Installing Hardwood Floors in Your Chicago Home

If you are in the market for new carpet, you understand just how many options there are in front of you. You probably know that there are other materials besides carpet you can use to finish your flooring like linoleum or hardwood. Hardwood is a great option for any homeowner looking to improve their home’s floors.

Here are some reasons you should consider it the next time you are at a carpet store in Chicago.


If you have children, your carpet is almost guaranteed to experience stains at some point. One of the paramount features of hardwood flooring is how easy it is to clean. A simple swipe of the cloth will remove a stain that could be permanent on the wrong kind of carpeting.

It’s a Classic

Flooring is a design trend in home design that comes and goes. Hardwood flooring is classic style that is aesthetically pleasing, meaning it will almost always attract prospective buyers when they take a tour of a home on the market. If you want a look that will be in fashion when you put your home on the market, consider hardwood.

It’s a High-Traffic Area

The floors in the high-traffic areas in your home can really take a beating over time. Ensure the long-term health of your flooring by purchasing hardwood, one of the most durable materials used in flooring. If you are looking for a carpet store in Chicago that can answer your questions and meet your needs when it comes to remodeling your home, give American Carpet Distributors a call today.

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